Attention Business Owners

As crazy as it seems, many small businesses are STILL neglecting their online reputations in a time when MOST consumers heavily rely on what others have to say about businesses online.

Did You Know?

90% of consumers say online reviews impact their buying decisions.
79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
92% of consumers have more confidence in information that they found online than hearing it from a salesperson or any other source of information.
80% of consumers have changed their minds about a business based on negative reviews.

This means that every business should be aware of what is being said about them on the internet; this is the only way they can work address any issues and implement an on-going strategy to ensure that they have a good FIRST IMPRESSION when their potential customers come across their business online.

But unfortunately, most of them still have no idea what they should be doing to check things out.

As a matter of fact, some are simply IGNORING their online image, which is a critical mistake that could be seriously crippling their ability to generate new customers.

So if you want to capture local customers who are actively searching online for your types of products and services, you cannot continue to ignore the power of a positive online reputation.

To Brief The Power Of Reputation Management, Go through The Below Case Study.

One Of My Client sent me this desperate request.

You see, their business got sued a few years back.

It was a bogus lawsuit, a total money grab.

The Judge basically threw it out.

But then, their worst nightmare came true:

A government page about this lawsuit showed up in google.

EVEN WORSE: It was one of the TOP results in google when you searched for their business.

Their reputation was suffering and they were losing business. No one bothered to read the lawsuit to see that it was totally false. They just got spooked and took their business somewhere else.

I Couldn’t Get That “Bad Page” To Go Away!

I told my client no problem I can help. I’m supposed to be an SEO Guru right? also running an SEO Agency with 6 Staff Members. I’ve consulted with many others with reputation management problems and helped them. This will be a piece of cake!

WRONG! I don’t know if you ever tried to knock an authority.GOV page out of Google, but that thing just would not budge! I tried all the usual tactics for removing pages like this, and nothing worked.

I’m supposed to be this guru SEO wizard, and yet I could not get it to move. It was driving me nuts.

Then I Discovered The “Reputation” Google Ranking Factor.

Finally, I went back to the drawing board. Forget backlinks. Forget press releases, web 2.0 pages, and all the other standard ways to do this. I didn’t want to do negative SEO because it was my Client’s business and wanted to stay at least “greyhat.”

I went through the archives of my SEO mastermind groups and private blackhat forums. Had anyone dealt with this before?

And there it was, buried deep, a discussion about a totally different ranking factor that had nothing to do with blackhat.

Yes, Finally We Made It and Started To Providing This as Service.

After Completing the Process, Bad Results Are Gone
(I’ve done this multiple times, so easy)

Here’s a screenshot of my Client's page 1 results.

Note, on the right side you can see all the other stuff I tried… I got them a 1 box/site listings, created youtube videos, web 2.0 pages etc..

Only this “Reputation Factor” process worked in the end!

Hopefully, Now You Would Have Got My Point. Stop Losing Your Business For Some Fake Reviews and Complaints. We Will Bury Those Reviews, Which Affects Your Business.

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